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Welcome to our underwater domain! We are a specialist aquarium shop dedicated to fish lovers and aquarium hobbyists, whether you love species or community tanks, or the exquisite aquatic underwater gardens that come to life with a beautifully planted tank.

Here, in our many pages, we offer you:

  • Beautiful images of the many ornamental fish species and plants available to aquarists today and embellish these images with enough information to get you started, or to broaden your knowledge. 
  • In addition, we offer you some in-depth articles on how to set-up, aquascape and maintain your aquarium, to help you grow into a successful and responsible aquarist. 
  • We also dedicated some pages to the stunning Koi and Cichlids we breed, providing all the information you need to be successful with these fish species.

We invite you to visit often, as our informative pages will grow as we go along, and as new ideas and information becomes available.

In our shop you will find everything needed for successful fish-keeping and breeding! We specialise in ornamental and unusual tropical fish, as well as the tanks,  equipment, food, plants,  and plant nutrients needed to keep your fish happy and healthy and your tanks beautiful!

Our knowledge and enthusiasm comes free of charge and we always enjoy your visits! Come in, have a coffee and a chat. This is how we all learn and make friends. Our tanks and equipment, as well as our fish are offered at competitive prices. Our customer service is famous, because we love what we do!

We will, from time to time, offer demonstrations of setting up and aquascaping aquariums properly. We also plan to invite knowledgeable aquarium fish experts to visit and offer us their knowledge and advice. If you are interested in joining us for these events, please let us know so that we can contact you with the details.You will find our email and telephone details, as well as a map to our premises on our contact page.

We wish you a happy and insightful visit to our web domain, and hope to see you soon in person at Fish etc.  

Finally, we would welcome your feedback. We love compliments about our web site, our shop and our service, but we would also like to know if you find there are things we could do better!



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