HOW TO: Make Baby food for your Fry

You often hear about crushed or powdered food for fry.

Here’s How to make Your Own:

  • Get together the following: An inexpensive pepper mill, a small glass bottle with lid, and a fine tea strainer, or a small piece of fine nylon window screen.
  • Purchase one small container of shrimp pellets and one small container of spirulina pellets.
  • Put equal amounts of the pellets into the clean pepper mill and grind the shrimp and spirulina pellets until they are very fine. Do not worry if there are a few larger pieces. Those will be filtered out later by a sieve or nylon screen.
  • Use your fine tea strainer, or otherwise cut a piece of the nylon window screen a little larger than the opening at the top of the small glass bottle.
  • Place the ground pellets in the bottle.
  • If you go the nylon screen way, take the piece you previously cut and force fit it into the top of the small bottle. The food can now be fed to the fry by gently shaking the bottle. Be sure to recap the bottle tightly after each use. The tea strainer way is of course self explanatory.
  • Once all the fine food is gone, remove the screen and feed any remaining larger pieces to adolescent fish.


  • An old, well cleaned coffee grinder can also be used to grind pellets.
  • Spice bottles with sprinkling holes are good for storing the ground food. Avoid using salt cellars; they work for sprinkling, but cannot be closed air tight.