Dear Friends and customers,

in this and the following pages, we strive to present you with


Our sincere love for fish of all kinds and our enthusiasm for responsible fish-keeping, motivated us to create many pages filled with images of beautiful fish for you – our fellow aquarists. You will find the different species under our TROPICAL FISH drop-down menu above. We have added an introduction to each species, have given you the aquarium requirements and the possibility of breeding your fish. We have also made sure to point out factors that may become problematic. This   gives you all the necessary information to help you choose your fish wisely. Select the species that you might like to keep, and quickly find out what the requirements are to keep these beautiful fish healthy and happy – or, for that matter, whether they will make good tank mates for each other, or for the fish you already have.

While we keep and sell all of these species, we may not always have all the strains you might see in these images. There are several reasons for this. The first is that breeding is a seasonal process. While we breed many of the species we keep, it is good to know that different species breed at different times. Also, sometimes a sought after species is so popular that they literally spend less than twenty four hours in out shop tanks!  But apart from breeding ourselves, we also source fish from other reliable breeders and wholesalers locally and overseas.

They too do not always have stock of the species we require. In the case of imports, our overseas suppliers often only sell in bulk, meaning that we have to buy a large assortment of species to make shipping worth their while. We therefore sometimes need larger numbers of local orders to warrant bringing in a specific species, and we also need to be sure that we can land them at reasonable prices. This leaves those cases where a species might be beautiful and very desirable, but finds itself on Nature Conservation’s blacklist. We can do nothing about that. We hope you won’t appreciate the beauty of those species any less!

For those species we can import, but where we are waiting for specific orders until we have enough to warrant a consignment, we are happy to add your name to our “Wanted Species” list. We know this costs patience – both yours and ours. But that is how things work and we believe that our energy is better spent in perfecting our aquaria, rather than being angry because we cannot get what we want. Trust us, if possible, we will go out of our way to deliver as soon as we can!

Either way, whether you are already engaged in the fish keeping hobby, or still wondering whether to venture into it, we hope that the broad knowledge base our fish pages offer will bring you nothing but joy!