Dear Friends and customers,

We love aquascaping – and that means that  we love plants! This inspired us to create many pages filled with images of beautiful plants for you – our fellow aquarists and aquascapers. We sorted our plants into colour groups and added the scientific names to help us all to avoid the confusion created by the many different common names.

While we keep and sell many of these species, we may not always have all the plants  you might see in these images. There are several reasons for this. The first is that plant growth and harvesting is a natural, and therefore a seasonal process. Bad weather also plays a very big role, as we and our suppliers have all at some or other time lost entire batches of plants because Mother Nature chose not to play along.   There are times when we do get the rarer species, but these are frequently booked in advance, while the remainder literally sells before we can display them in our shop.

We are of course also dependant on wholesalers locally and overseas. They too do not always have stock of the plant species we require. In the case of imports, our overseas suppliers often only sell in bulk, meaning that we have to buy a large assortment of plants to make the export process from their side worth their while.  We therefore need larger local orders to warrant bringing in a specific species, just as we need to be sure that we can land them at reasonable prices.We are currently attempting to find suppliers who are interested in sharing consignments, in order to make imports viable.

This leaves us with those cases where a specific species might be beautiful and very desirable, but can also be found on Nature Conservation’s blacklist! These plants are on that list for a reason! After all, it would be selfish to import a plant that could invade and destroy our own precious waters and plant species. So let us all refrain from trying to obtain illegal species and work with what is legal and available.We nevertheless hope that you won’t appreciate the beauty of those forbidden species in our images any less!

For those species we can import, but where we are waiting for specific orders until we have enough to warrant a consignment, we are happy to add your name to our “Wanted Plants ” list. We know this costs patience – both yours and ours. But that is how things work,  and we believe that our energy is better spent in perfecting our aquaria and creating magnificent aquascapes with what we currently have, rather than being angry because we cannot get what we want. Trust us, if at all possible, we will go out of our way to deliver what you want as soon as we can!

Either way, whether you are already engaged in the aquarium and aquascaping  hobby, or still wondering whether to venture into it, we hope that the broad knowledge provided by our plant pages offer will bring you nothing but enthusiasm and  joy!

In the meantime we are planning a series of aquascaping demonstrations, with the goal of making them super creative and inspirational. We also hope that these get-togethers will allow us to begin a plant exchange.  So, if you have a surplus of plants, or are an expert, or an experienced, green-thumbed old-timer, we would like to hear from you! And if you are a first-timer, this is certainly where you should begin, and we would welcome you doubly! Send us your name and contact details if you want us to let you know for when these events are scheduled.

Now go forth, wade through our plant images and above all, enjoy!