Create an Iwagumi Aquascape

Placing of the first stone


Placement of the first stone as seen from the side


The second stone is placed


The third stone goes in


View from the side


Stone four is placed


Stone five is placed, with the assistants glancing at Mr. Amano all the while for directions


Stone six has gone in and it is time to contemplate


Stone seven is placed – a tiny one at the front right hand of the tank


Time for the substrate: Soil at the back and sand at the front


Levelling the sand


Amano requires more soil at the back


The soil has been added and it is time for the master to contemplate


Yet more soil is needed at the back


Note how the soil is being held back from spilling into the tank


The layout is complete!


The finished layout from a different perspective

Planting continues on the next page…