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Hello Fish Lovers and Aquarists!

Since I sometimes hear people moan about a small price increase, I thought it rather apt to put thing into perspective, tongue in cheek, of course!

So here is the story of the world’s most expensive aquarium fish:

The Silver Arowana is unique because of its large scales, slender shape, large size and short fins.  This South American river species has earned another distinction as well: A slight mutation caused one particular arowana to have a glowing white appearance – and so it was named the Platinum Arowana.  In addition, its body was without blemish. The price tag for this fish was $80,000.


The Arowana nickname,   “bonytongues” is derived from a toothed bone on the floor of the mouth. This fish can obtain oxygen from air by sucking it into the swim bladder, which is lined with capillaries like lung tissue. This fish is also an “obligatory air breather”.

The Arowana  is a basal (primitive) fish from the lower Tertiary and is placed in the actinopterygiid order Osteoglossiformes. There are ten described living species of this fish, including: three from South America, one from Africa, four fromAsia, and the remaining two fromAustralia.

At Aquarama in 2007, the Platinum Arowana was getting all the attention from the public. It is owned by Aro Dynasty, a Dragon fish breeder based inSingapore.

Apparently this Arowana was recently offered for sale to prospective buyers by a UK Arowana importer for more than $300,000. However, Aro Dynasty has announced that the fish is now “off the market”.

Then there is the world’s most expensive aquarium!

For those who like their pets to be seen and not heard, or touched, or cleaned up after they have done a little number on the new carpet, fish seem like an obvious choice. After all, these pets don’t need to be petted, taken outside or disciplined in any way. As for cleaning the tank and changing the water, well, the more expensive your aquarium, the less of those chores you’ll have to do – or so they say!


The most expensive aquarium in the world is the Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition Aquarium by Aquavista and luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes. This extravagant wall-mounted aquarium is made with around 150 lbs of gold and gets its name from the mammoth tusk side veneers with Tyrannosaurus Rex bone shaved in. The aquarium is available in various sizes from 5 feet to 10 feet wide and, best of all, includes a host of features like an automatic feeder, dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting and CO2 generator that reduce the necessary maintenance to a negligible fifteen minutes every month.

Only three of these handmade luxury aquariums will be produced and sold at the appropriately eye-popping price of $4.8 million. I wonder if they have sold any yet?

And all things considered, all of this makes a tiny increase on some of our fish a little more palatable, does it not?