Apart from our live stock, we keep a vast amount of products for the aquarium and fish-keeping hobby, from tanks of all descriptions, pumps, filters and other accessories, to food, medications and pond accessories. Since we do not sell on-line, we decided to list just some of our products here. This is also where you will find any new products we may receive.

Let me assure you, if we do not have what you want, we will walk miles to find you your product, and then some. Please just  let us know!

A perfect setting: A Juwel Corner Tank

The Juwel Corner Tank blends harmoniously and seamlessly into any corner of any room, creating an oasis of tranquillity for the whole family. The safety base frame ensures especially safe positioning and allows you to set up your aquarium easily, with no need for special supports. The Juwel cabinets are modern and sleek with stainless steel handles.

Juwel tanks come complete: They are fitted with T-5 High-Lite lighting that offers you 150% more light, and with high volume internal bio-filters with integrated heater. The tanks are double sealed with black silicone for a smart finish and they carry a 2 year guarantee.

All Juwel tanks are adaptable, and can be converted to marine tanks with drop-in skimmers.

We stock the Juwel range of tanks and accessories (filters, lighting). We also have a range of unique 3-D backgrounds, including cliff faces, root and rocks, and stone walls and terraces.


We stock all kinds of Juwel tanks on request. Right now we also have a 260l “Vision 260” tank with black trim/cupboard as shown below and will soon be getting the snow white cabinet tanks.


We stock many products from Tetra, especially their foods, and their very silent and efficient air pumps.

Tetra does ranges of food for goldfish, cichlids, and tropical fish as well as marines and koi.

One of our best sellers is Tetra Aquasafe, which safely eliminates harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals from tap water . It also supports the protective mucous layers of the fish and helps create clear water.

We stock a range of Tetra medications : Contra spot, General Tonic, and Fungi stop

We also stock Pond and tank algae removers from Tetra, and the water conditioning Blackwater extract for discus and soft pH loving fish.

Tetras Betta Flake food is specially formulated for Siamese fighting fish and other betas, and is rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration,  rich in animal proteins to reflect the Betta’s natural feeding biology  and has added shrimp and krill for variety.


Microbe-lift Biologically Alive substrate : for planted aquariums

This wonder-product contains trace elements and contains over 25 micro and macro nutrients. It is also pre-Colonized with the necessary bacterial spores

It is a natural medium, (not dyed or chemically coated), offers an enormous surface area to colonize nitrifying bacteria, and is perfect to hold rooted plants in place It is kiln fired and contains no chemical fertiliser, no soil and no peat. It is pH neutral, and has the ability to retain oxygen.

When we put aquatic plants in our aquariums, the available oxygen at the bottom of the tank is generally low and often contains toxic gases. Using the Microbe-lift Biologically Alive substrate for Planted Aquariums (ML/BAS) will provide you not only with good plant stability, but will make available essential microbes, nutrients and circulation around the roots, providing additional oxygen to your plants. The negatively charged substrate sites attract and hold positive ions until needed by plant roots.

Microbe-lift Biologically Alive substrate also acts as a pH Buffer. Its high ion exchange capacity is 45 meq per 100 g. This assists in absorbing excess alkalinity or acidity in your aquarium’s water. ML/BAS creates a natural environment. The material is natural and is thermally activated through drying at temperatures exceeding 245º F. This provides assurance that the biological substrate is clean, and a dry inert mineral.

The substrate requires no pre-cleaning. If your tank is filled correctly and slowly, turbidity should be minimal.

For heavily planted aquariums you might want to consider a bottom layer of quality soil pellets, or soil fertilizer for the first one-third of your total substrate. The top two-thirds should then be ML/BAS. This combination will provide plants with an ample supply of nutrients which will then be readily available to the plant roots.

Microbe-lift Biologically Alive substrate comes in 4.54kg or 9.07kg bags. A 4.54 kg bag will fill a 37.8 l tank with a substrate of 6.35cm

We also recommend using MICROBE-LIFT/Microbial Root Dip for optimal root development.

Microbe-lift Biologically Alive should not be used with burrowing or sand-sifting fish, or invertebrates.

My Home is my Castle

We have homes for your shell-dwelling cichlids!