Rainbowfish are a small, colourful family of fish indigenous to Africa, Madagascar, Australia, New Guinea and other South Asian Islands, that make for a great display in the aquarium. They are known for their characteristic large eyes, a black or silver band that runs through the middle scale rows, a deeply forked mouth, and two dorsal fins. Turquoise, or Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish have exceptionally striking colors, often intensely blue in the males.Rainbowfish vary in size from about 2.5cm to 15cm.


Depending on the species, their pH requirements can vary from 6.5 to 8, with a temperature of between 25° and 28°. With very few exceptions, these fish prefer medium to hard water, and a pH that is biased toward alkaline, rather than neutral. Be aware though that good quality water is essential! A good filtration system and regular partial water changes is a must, otherwise the vibrant colouration fades and becomes washed out.

Rainbowfish are peaceful, but they are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of six at the very least, preferably in a group of fifteen. If you have seen this once, you would agree. A bigger school is not only beneficial to the fish – the shimmering display of their colour can be spectacular in the tank. The trick is adding several males, since this results in better colour display as they vie for the females’ attention. Rainbowfish are also active swimmers, are usually hardy and good natured and make excellent inhabitants for many community tanks.

Rainbowfish are particularly well suited to planted aquaria, as this mimics their natural habitat. (Java moss is native to their natural habitat and is often used as a spawning medium) Make sure, however that they have sufficient open space to swim. A gravel substrate will add to a good environment and, if dark enough, may intensify the colours of the fish. Although Rainbows have large mouths, their throats tend to be narrow. Foods fed should be small in size. Their omnivorous diet should include prepared flake, frozen, and live foods.

Imagine a large group of Rainbowfish as stunning as these in fish photographer Hristo Hristov’s   beautiful images! Please reward his generosity in permitting us to share these images with you by refraining from copying them from these pages.






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