In the pages you will find under the Aquascaping drop-down menu, we will try to bring together the most useful information we possibly can to help you to successfully aquascape your aquarium.

Aquascaping is a single term for a very large and diversified hobby. If you would like to explore the different styles of aquascaping, you are best off starting with “What is Aquascaping?”, where we summarise the different styles and trends.

If you already know what you want,  our Aquascaping drop-down menu above is arranged in different categories that allow you to hone straight in to the specific category that interests you.

Today, with modern aquarium tanks and equipment, and an ever growing knowledge base about how to get nature to thrive in closed systems such as aquariums, it has become much easier for anyone to begin this fascinating and  creative hobby that brings us such spectacular results.

In website terms, we are still young. Rest assured, we will add more information as soon as we can! So visit often to check for new articles.


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